Course Description

Become a leader of influence and impact! In this course and with Megan's professional coaching, you will have the opportunity to learn why expertise and education are not enough to advance in your career and what areas you can begin improving today.

Certified Professional Coach

Megan Stith

Congratulations on taking this step towards achieving your fullest potential. Choosing to seek support in accomplishing your goals exemplifies what it means lead by example. You're willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, surround yourself with a high performing team, and strive to perform at your best. I look forward to sharing my experience with you through this course and coaching you to succeed along the way.In this course and with Megan's coaching, you will have the opportunity to learn: Why expertise and education are not enough to advance in your career. Clarify your goals and develop plans to achieve them. How to seek out challenging projects that will help you grow. Ways to work with teams to get results. How to set yourself apart with strategic thinking. This course is intended to accompany personal or group coaching. New clients are now being accepted! Visit Boss Lady Coaching to enroll now.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to Get the Most Out of This Course

    • About Your Coaching

    • Push Yourself: Boss Lady Scorecard

  • 2

    The World's Only Expert

    • The easiest sale you'll ever make

    • Where does confidence come from?

    • Your SWOT Analysis: Strengths

    • Your SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses

    • The skill of self confidence

    • Push Yourself: 360 Review

  • 3

    Your Vision & Goals

    • Where You Want To Go

    • How to Create Your Vision, Purpose, and Goals

    • Goals and Strategies Planner

    • Your Strategic Plan

    • Brainstorming Mind Map

    • Push Yourself: 10 Goals to Accomplish in 90 Days

  • 4

    Build Your Brand

    • Give Yourself Permission

    • The Power of Self Promotion

    • Define Your Values

    • Discover Your Uniqueness

    • Push Yourself: Personal Brand Strategy Worksheet

  • 5


    • Build the Right Relationships

    • Power People Scorecard

    • FREE E-BOOK: Networking for People Who Hate Networking

    • Personal Mentoring Plan

    • Rediscovering Personal Networking

    • Become a Connector

    • Push Yourself: Find the Center of Influence

  • 6

    Seek Out the Scare

    • Practicing Bravery

    • Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

    • Fighting Your Instincts to Stay Safe

    • Finding Your Strength By Helping Others

    • Make it Easy for People to Help You

    • Push Yourself: Don't Eat Alone

  • 7

    Bosses Set Boundaries

    • Staying Accountable

    • 11 Skills that Millionaires Master

    • Powerful Habits

    • Make It Happen Planner Template

    • Boundaries in Leadership

    • Push Yourself: Saying "No"

  • 8

    Your Future as a Boss

    • Reflection